About Us

All the people from across Sherman and other states of United States choose to shop from the best Store Tener’s Western Wear. Out of these shoppers some would be the local cowboys, some are the Sherman’s premier rodeos or the most popular rodeo stars, country singers, celebrities, or famous sports figures from Sherman and across US.

Tener’s Western Wear is the a favourite among the people of Sherman because of its Western gear, that include Boots for men and women, Casual Footwear, Work Boots for men, Work Wear for men, Jeans for men, women and kids, Accessories for men and women, Men wallets, Belts for Men, Shorts for women and a lot more. You name it and Tener’s Western Wear has it all for you. It has many varities such as Tombstone, Legend, FatBaby Cow Girl, Legend Spirit, SideKick, QuickDraw 11, Crater Bone and a lot more. The best brands with the best quality are the main aim of Tener’s western Wear. We showcase many popular brands like Rugged, Smart, Tough, True, Renegade, Justin Boots, Wrangler, Cinch, Coral Boots, Rock And Roll, Cruel Girl, Dan Post, Romane, Tony Lama and a whole lot more.

With incredible selection, we also believe that our success truly lies in the Tener’s Western Wear Tradition. Ray F. Tener first Western store was opened in 1930. His love for the people and his inner strength were the main pillar of the Teners Western Wear Tradition. Nearly 80 years later, our stores are still owned and run by families born and raised in Sherman, Oklahoma and nearby areas.

Despite its expansion in other locations, Tener’s carefully maintain their same standards of excellence and loyalty since its establishment being the finest Western Wear Operations in Sherman and Southwest. With firm determination to take high the standards of Tener’s Western Wear, we offer an incredible selection of products from across the globe on our online store. We would welcome you to walk in our store in Sherman, but knowing the fact that it will be less expensive for you to buy these boots online we have made this online store for you. A whole new experience in and easy and simple way, it’s just a click away.